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Seconde opinion is at your disposal to advice you on the choice ​of the right lawyer to defend your interests



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Why ?

Why ?

Over the course of our careers (over 50 years for Jean Bornet), we have found that misunderstandings, ambiguities and blunders could place individuals, who are not specialists, in a position of weakness.​

They could not resist proposals that were not sufficiently well explained or that were not appropriate.

​The aim is to use simple language, as much as possible, in order to enable individuals to understand the strategy or the consequences of a legal or judicial position.


This was often not the case.​

It is therefore necessary to encourage access to this information enabling individuals to understand and have a critical knowledge of the realities of the justice system and the proceedings themselves, as they are unable to analyse, act or assess the consequences.


​This is the basis of the approach used by Seconde Opinion?


​Finally and moreover, hesitant, uncomfortable or frustrated individuals will hesitate to change strategies and leave the counsel chosen at random or on the advice of a friend, because they not only will have to explain “their story” once more, they will also have to pay additional costs.


​By making use of Seconde Opinion?, individuals can gain a better understanding of the situation and check whether it is worth making a change.


​As Louis Jouvet once said – mutatis mutandis – there are no small cases, there are only small attorneys.

It is humanly understandable that an attorney may sometimes deem a case insufficiently profitable to give it all their energy by hesitating to discourage the individual.


​The aim is to reassure individuals by helping them to better understand the judicial situation, thus enabling them to better conduct the proceedings by asking the right questions to the relevant people or by requesting a second opinion from a law firm of their choosing which may, in accordance with the attorneys’ code of ethics, reassure the individual by confirming that their situation does not give rise to any observations and therefore to maintain it, or possibly invite them to adopt a different attitude (abandoning proceedings doomed to failure or, on the contrary, lodging an appeal, assessing the chances of success in the event of continuing the proceedings as they are, etc.).

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