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Who We Are

Jean Bornet

Attorney at the Brussels Bar for over 50 years (Bornet & Associés law firm).

Holder of the Lejeune award (top prize of eloquence) and the Lavollée award which is the top prize of eloquence of the Paris Bar.

He was the "Président de la Conférence du Jeune Barreau de Bruxelles".


For over 35 years, he held the position of deputy judge attached to the Brussels Commercial Court, acting as “President” of the division and has specific experience relating to hearings.

Arbitrator, member of the Arbitration Court of northern Europe, the CAREN.

He is highly interested in the justice system, its functioning, and the training of interns and young attorneys.

Jean Bornet is a founding member and has been General Secretary of the GEIE LIBRALEX (European Economic Interest Grouping) for close to 30 years.

LIBRALEX gathers 27 European law firms, and some non-European law firms (USA, Switzerland, Brazil, Denmark, etc.).

He has pleaded cases before almost all Belgian courts, and is familiar with foreign courts (USA, South Africa, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, etc.).

He has also trained interns.

Jacques Piron

Attorney at the Brussels, Liège and Verviers Bars.

He is a trustee in bankruptcies, specialised in social law and business law. He is a member of the Avocats Piron & Mineur partner law firm.

Myriam Cajgfinger

Attorney at the Brussels Bar for over 20 years and mediator in collaborative law in matters relating to Family law. She is a member of the Bornet & Associés law firm.