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Seconde opinion is at your disposal to advice you on the choice ​of the right lawyer to defend your interests



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Steps In the Process
  1. Call us at +32 2 347 18 40, and briefly state your issue.
    A free assessment will be given orally if no documents need to be consulted.
    If it is necessary to consult documents, you can send them by post, by e-mail or deposit them yourself at the offices of Seconde Opinion?
    If the documents are sent or deposited in time, you will be granted a meeting within a short period for a consultation of one hour at most, for a lump-sum of € 100.00 + 21% VAT to be paid at the time of the consultation.
    In case of an emergency, the cost of the consultation of one hour at most is € 150.00 + 21% VAT. You will receive a receipt.


  2. During the consultation :
    • either there are no special comments to be made regarding the situation;
    • soit les éléments soumis à la consultation ou les réflexions complémentaires apportées verbalement entraînent la conviction qu’une seconde opinion devrait être sollicitée auprès d’un autre cabinet d’avocats que vous  choisirez en fonction de la matière sur une liste qui vous sera proposée.


  3. The attorneys likely to meet with you for the consultation are Jean Bornet, Myriam Cajgfinger.

Subject Matter
  • Criminal law and criminal business law

  • Business law (including companies and contracts)

  • Family law, divorce, filiation, liquidation of matrimonial property

  • Inheritance law and gifts

  • Bankruptcy law (insolvency law), business continuity

  • Generally-speaking, civil law and procedural law

  • Leases

  • Recovery of outstanding amounts

  • Certain liabilities (attorneys, physicians, architects, insurers)

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